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The latest version of CityVille Hack, which contains absolutely all our CityVille Cheats, just became the most popular hack of all our facebook hacks, which we have published here on our website! CityVille Hack has been already downloaded thousands of times and downloads number is growing daily. We received hundreds of positive feedback, this helps us a lot, thanks for all of you. Right now, our cityville cheats covers more than 30 different features and each of them saves you tons of your free time. We cannot name all the features of these cheats, but the main ones are these: coins generator and exp increaser. So, if you prefer playing games in a little bit unfairly way sometimes, than you definitely need to try our cityville cheats, or else you could go back and watch how other players succeed, while you are not. By the way, zynga makes changes to their algorithm quite often, so to keep this cityville hack working, we updating it quite often too. To be successful with this hack, all you have to worry about is if you are using the latest version of it. Whenever new version is available, you will see it on the main screen of cityville hack!

Short Demonstration of CityVille Cheats:

We worked a lot to develop this hack, we are truly excited for all your help, while dealing with bug fixing and etc. as well as feedbacks, which we receive through email every single day.

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  1. John says:

    Yes Yes Yes, thank you very much, I asked you few times to release CityVille Hack. All your releases are the best. This hack looks very powerful and nice too. Thanks. : ) Keep it up, guys.

  2. Dexter says:

    Cool, just downloaded another update. This time you did your best, new features are awesome. ;D

  3. Bang says:


  4. afshan says:

    cool… thank you

  5. Noah Chipman says:

    You sound like ur not gonna lie so I’m gonna do this.

  6. Drake says:

    Hey thanks for all the cheats ur AWESOME…… !!!!!!! :) :) :) :) !!!!!!!!

  7. cityville chets are wonderful.

  8. AMIN says:


  9. clarj says:

    Thanks Zynga I CANT BELIVED IT WORKED !!! NOW I HAVE GOT 940 CITYVILLE cash and 50 million CITYVILLE coins!

  10. rafeeq says:

    thank you :) =D

  11. ogi says:

    This is Cooll…

  12. Dollar Gill says:


  13. kim says:

    tanks love it

  14. sufyan says:

    its working

  15. Chaeden says:


  16. edward says:

    works like a charm thank you
    right now its definitely the best ;D

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